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Brenda's happy place...

Brenda has always loved working with plants and growing things. Her extended family has been involved in greenhouse business for generations, so it wasn't unusual to find Brenda with dirt under her fingernails and a smile on her face. In fact, her boys often spent some of their happiest times at the greenhouse working along her side. Time has moved on, and Brenda's focus shifted to other things. But her love of growing baskets never left her. One night, she brought up the idea of having a small backyard greenhouse - like 24' by 50'. She spent the next couple months looking for just the right greenhouse. She came upon a family-run greenhouse in Webberville that was closing and selling off their greenhouses. After much cajoling, the family agreed to buy this monster greenhouse. It wasn't 24' by 50' but 110' by 50', almost
5 TIMES larger than the original plan.

The family has worked hard to de-construct the greenhouse in Webberville and re-construct it in Benson Corners MI (just outside of Cadillac). These photos give you an idea of all efforts that went into this relocation project.

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