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Benson Corners Greenhouse grows the finest baskets, flower flats, vegetable plants and herbs. Unlike other local greenhouses,  we don't purchase our plants from downstate. We start our's onsite so that you receive the finest, locally grown plants of the highest quality.

With over 20 years of greenhouse experience, we understand what it takes to grow Northern Michigan hardy plants. We specialize in deluxe baskets featuring Proven Winners combinations and Brenda's personal selected favorites. Our greenhouse is easy to find in historic Benson Corners of Cherry Grove Township (located at the corner of S. 33 Rd and E 46 Rd) - just 4 minutes outside Cadillac.

We also sell Grass Fed Belted Galloway Cattle, Galloway Beef and other naturally grown farm products. See the "Our Farm" tab for details. 2020 has been a bit more of a challenge for all of us. Previous years we have had the help of family, friends and employees to get everything planted and cared for. This year it was Grace, Caitlyn and Brenda that did it all!

In 2020 we have
amazing baskets,
bedding and vegetable flats.

Both greenhouses are filled to capacity and we will again have the flowers and plants you asked for last year. You will want to get your Fuchsias and Geraniums from us!

Our local selection is unbelievable!

The Plants are Growing!
Opening Day
May 8, 2020

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